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4948388. Elle Devyne ,Nice body... Yes please ,Elle DeVyne aka Rhiana Star. ,Love the vintage stuff. Too bad I don't have a time machine-can you build one for me? ,delícia ,No, this is not Maya Devine. ,Maya devine ,Name?
Amateur Mom Has Huge Naturals. Wow she's going to make me cum ,name plz?? ,After years of viewing porn and being a avid student of boobs I have decided this is the greatest rack I have seen. ,I can't see how any other retro/vintage solo vid can top this one.The sound is the only distraction at times... but she is AMAZING as she poses in her own house... would LOVE to know where she is today so I can introduce myself to her... unless you know how I can get in touch with her ,Perfect tits ,What a rack! Who is the this ? Any more links anyone ? ,Kathryn aka Katherine ,What's her name? ,Sin duda que excitante mujer! ,VERY NICE!
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Annabelle Flowers Vintage Lingerie Role-play. still one of my favorites ,First mom son scene I found online after finally getting my first smartphone. Still in my top 5 in that category ,A vintage video from a much loved 'star' ,she'd be a perfect Mommy to have! ,she looks like skylar from breaking bad ,I too wish she was my mother ,Love Annabelle! ,Wish I had a mommy like her. ,Annabel Flowers - got it! ,Ancient or not-LOVE IT! Love her mom talk thing! What is her name?
THE best vintage anal porno - Name please!!! ,i was wondering why her ass is so long, she's german... ,whats is the name of this
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hot vintage thriller movie scene full movie at Movie name.. Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals ,Movie name ? ,which movie?? ,whats the title of this film?
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vintage fetish milf compilation. Scene at 8:10 is from which movie?? ,Mmmmmm ,It would be a hot compilation if it didn't have the website typed in the middle of the screen... ,This is what i love !! nice cumshots !! ,HOT HOT vid, needs sound though
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Classic Vintage Blowjob MILF. One of my fav short clips ALL TIME.... The heroin scene as I call it.... ,name of the girl....? ,I kind of like the bushy cunts in the vintage films. ,Oh wow! Gave him some dope and sucked him off. She didn't catch the load thou. smh. This is the first vintage porn I saw with a chick pussy shave all of the way bald. I guess some women back then didn't always have a bus. ,Interesting the music midway is the harmonic intro to "Knights of Cydonia" from Muse when they perform it live. ,Great classics!! SEXY!!
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Big Tit Classic- Free Vintage. full video? ,[G] Old ,seems like there is a 2nd part to this? ,lisa lipps ,who is she?
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Classic Vintage Tits From 1981. Ebony Ayes ,ebony ayes? ,great ,is he SUPPOSED to look like Jim McMahon from the Chicago Bears? :O LOL
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Fuck Therapy with Dr. Christian and MILF in vintage style. She looks like an older Dillion Harper. ,Nicely Said Code062112 ,Roger h, the title doesn't say it's vintage, just that it's "in vintage style". Which is correct. Also, you must be very young because women have been getting tattoos for a LOT longer than the past 20 years. It's only been in the last 20 years or so that EVERY woman seems to have one but prior to that it wasn't anything so uncommon it would amaze anybody. Especially not if that woman was doing porn. ,No way is this vintage - women did not get tattoos until relatively recently(past 20 years). ,Nice...a long story! ,Very likable! Nice people; having fun vintage-style. She's got a beautiful patina...
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